Be a Derry Girl

If you are a fan of the hit Channel 4 & Netflix TV show, Derry Girls, you will love our afternoon tea with a Derry Girls twist. Freshly baked scones, Tayto cheese & onion crisp sandwiches, cream horns, as shared by Granda Joe, cones of chips in homage to the famous Chippy fiasco, the renowned Derry sausage roll baps, and a host of local tray bake favourites that would make Ma Mary proud. All that and you get your very own exclusive Hastings Derry Girls Duck to take home.

The hit comedy show that is set in Northern Ireland’s city of Derry, has become symbolic for its hilarious one-liners and 90s nostalgia. While you are in the city, why not check out some of the most recognised filming locations that feature in the show? Here are a few of our favourites:

– Limewood Street is the location of one of the show’s most iconic scenes, the walk up and down the hill to school. You can recreate the walk or simply stop for a selfie.

– Magazine Street was used for a Halloween scene, a holiday that Derry is famous for celebrating. The city comes alive with folklore, feasting, and festivity! You can find out more about the City’s Halloween celebrations here 

– St. Augustine’s Church in Londonderry was used for a funeral scene.  Known locally as the “Wee Church on the Walls” Saint Augustine’s is located on a unique and historic site inside the city walls. 

– Other filming locations to visit include Free Derry Corner, Dennis’s Wee Shop in the heart of Bogside, Guildhall Square, Pump Street and Derry’s City Walls.  These historic walls were originally built by the Irish Society between 1613 and 1619. Derry/ Londonderry is the only remaining completely walled city in Ireland and is one of the best examples of Walled Cities in Europe.

– Smash Hits Selfie – head to Visit Derry’s Visitor Information Centre to get your selfie with the official Derry Girls Smash Hits cut-out.  The Visitor Centre has loads of classic Derry Girls memorabilia as well as interactive and fascinating installations about the history of Derry.

– Derry Girls Mural – Up your Instagram game at the city’s most selfie-friendly spot, the Derry Girls Mural.  It was commissioned by Channel 4 to promote the second series and is a must-see for fans of the show. The mural depicts the five main characters, Erin Quinn, Michelle Mallon, Orla McCool, Claire Devlin, and the wee English fella, James Maguire.  The mural was created by UV Arts with Karl Porter painting the uniform, Raymond Boner the hair, and Dave O’Hara the facial features.

Did you know that some of the most iconic locations were actually filmed in Belfast? Our Lady Immaculate College was filmed in Hunterhouse College and St. Mary’s University in Belfast. Smithfield market in Belfast featured in a shopping scene and Fionnula’s Fish and Chip shop was actually filmed in John Long’s fish restaurant in Athol Street, close to the Europa Hotel.

If you’d like to experience the famous Derry Girls Afternoon Tea in the Everglades Hotel (£30pp) please call 028 7132 1066 

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