Top 5 picture perfect spots in Derry-Londonderry

Do you want to freshen up your social media feed with new content? Or just want to add some memorable snaps to your collection? Well look no further! From amateur photographers to mums that take too many pictures, to selfie advocates and social media influencers Derry city has you covered.
Located West of the region, Derry city is Northern Ireland’s second largest city and runs next to the fabulous River Foyle. With a beautiful city backdrop, endless landmarks, historical favourites and a view to die for, Derry city is the place to be for all your selfie needs.
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1 River Foyle 

River Foyle

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way to the top, in this case being the deep clear waters of The River Foyle. The Foyle’s 80-mile journey to the ocean takes us through the heart of Derry city and is a perfect spot to capture some beautiful panoramic keepsakes. Only a 6-minute commute from your hotel, you would be mad not to visit the legendary lough. The River Foyle is the fastest-flowing river in Europe for its size, so pictures from a safe distance are advised (unless you’re up for the swim that is) A beautiful example of what Derry city has to offer.

2 Peace Bridge 

Once you’re finished admiring the glossy Irish waters, you’ll be glad to hear your next stop does not require a taxi or a long walk (for those of you that had one too many glasses of wine). The 235m-long structure consists of two tall masts and intertwining cables, forming a structural handshake across The River Foyle. A relatively new attraction for the old city of Derry, launching in 2011 the Peace Bridge has become a vital element of the city’s much-loved architecture and infrastructure. Regardless of its short lifespan in Derry, the Peace Bridge is an iconic attraction for both the locals and visitors and loved for its undoubtable physical beauty and symbolic meaning it holds. The tasteful curvatures of the foot bridge tell the story of great triumph over diversity, bringing peace to the city of Derry by connecting the two sides of The River Foyle that was once divided. The perfect backdrop for an attractive selfie or if you’re more comfortable being behind the camera, The Peace Bridge proves to be extremely photogenic and won’t disappoint.

3 Bogside Murals

On the opposite side of town stands 12 large scale murals that are arguably one of the most photographed areas in Derry city, for obvious reasons. The murals were created by a Derry trio consisting of brothers Tom and William Kelly, and Kevin Hasson from 1994 to 2008. The purpose of the 12 murals was to commemorate the battle of Bogside and Bloody Sunday, without ruining the full tour for you in a brief summary violence erupted in the Catholic Bogside district of the city, when a Unionist parade passed through into the predominantly Nationalist area. Violence continued between Catholic citizens and the local police for three days before the British army stepped in to diffuse the riots. The murals consist of sensitive illustrations that showcase the painful memories of those involved and pay tribute to those that died there. A truly breath-taking experience that gives you a great sense of the history that took place back in 1969. A perfect photo addition to your Derry experience.  Book a tour here
4 St Columbs Park

After touring the busy city all day, a break may be required. Step back into nature with the flourishing St Columbs Park, named after the city’s patron saint St Columba. Tucked into the riverbend, it’s a serene place to stroll or get some cool pictures for your socials which can be accessed on a river walk after crossing the Peace Bridge. A beautiful 70- acre stretch of land that provides just about everything a photo enthusiast needs right under the famous oak trees. After undergoing a major revamp in 2019 the park is thriving with locals and visitors flocking to catch a glimpse of the park’s natural beauty and undisturbed ruins that take home here. The Park contains the ruins of a medieval church, an 18th century manor house, as well as many modern amenities. OH my!

5 Derry – Coleraine Railway

Give your feet a break from the city excursion and take a ride east! Taking the train means you’ll travel in comfort, avoid the hassle of traffic and parking and get plenty of time to take it all in. Described as one of the most beautiful journeys you will ever take, the previous photos will justify this claim. The railway weaves through an emerald, green landscape of dry walls and hostile basalt hills before arriving at the golden sands of Benone Strand. The railway track runs alongside the sand, so you have spectacular views of one of the most unspoilt beaches in Ireland (and a cracking opportunity for a photo) For a small cost of £7 – £10 (38 mins) the journey could be all yours! A Mesmerising experience that cannot be missed.
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